Kite Connect API : A Boon To Indian Retail Traders By Zerodha

Indian trading community, unfortunately, lags far behind their international counterparts in terms of leveraging the power of cutting edge technology when trading. Considering that we have the largest population of software developers (behind US) in the world, this is dismaying.

This has been a chicken and egg situation. Except for a privy select group with industry connects and large capital, retail investors have never had any way to programmatically access their trading accounts. The tech savvy crowd, because of this, have generally stayed away from the capital markets.

The programmatic trading had a lot of regulatory constraints like getting approval, certification, strategy testing and much more. The cost would go up to even lakh for the initial setup and Rs.7000/month to Rs.30000/month for custom front as a running cost.These leads small investors and retailers to search for some inefficient and improper means.

The past is the past. Kite Connect, India’s first market APIs for retail clients,A New Initiative by Zerodha put an end for the above issue.

with just fraction of cost you can start your programmatic trading in more efficient and Proper way, which would take care of your psychological and risk management part of your trading system.

Investment Tech Idea Kite Trading

Using Kite Connect, you can, with any programming language of your choice (from excel VBAs to Python, Java, C# or even your command line console), place and manage orders, build – multi asset risk modelling systems, stock screeners, quant based strategies, equity stock selection models, option greeks calculators, backtesting, machine learning, and more. You could even build your own personal Kite or Pi.

For the first time in Indian broking history, you truly own and control your trading account and data. You have the power to build your own trading/investing experience, any way or any how you like it, without being confined to a frontend offered by your broker. The opportunities are limitless.

Login Flow Kite Trading

Kite Connect is a set of REST-like APIs that expose many capabilities required to build a complete investment and trading platform. Execute orders in real time, manage user portfolio, stream live market data (WebSockets), and more, with the easy to understand API collection



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  • Avatar Adityanand Pasumarthi says:

    Hi, is retail algo trading allowed using Zerodha Kite API? I mean, can I build a app that does algo trading for my customers (who have zerodha account) using my server backend platform?

  • Avatar Amreshwar says:

    I am trading on NinjaTrader and now want to use with the Zerodha. I am using the indicator and algo , which are locked and scripts can not be seen or modified. Can you any solution ? What is the cost of same?

    • Admin Admin says:

      your query is not clear, as you have mentioned the algo scripts you are using is locked and can not be modified, then how can you initiate buy and sell in that script which can not be modified.
      If you want to build some external tools within ninja trader just for placing order, then it is possible.

  • Avatar Navnath says:

    I want to algo trading with Supertrend strategy, execution should be done directly on the exchange without any manual interruption

    • Admin Admin says:

      It can be achieved using kite Connect API, you can customize your order placing options as per your requirement by programming,
      you can contact hello@howutrade for more info.

  • Avatar shashank says:

    How can I use kite super trend to fo Algo trading using kite platform

    • Admin Admin says:

      Please elaborate your query, if you just want to use super trend indicator and trade with it, just add from study drop down,
      if you want to use advanced/custom order placing options with super trend indicator you can subscribe to kite connect API,
      you can contact hello@howutrade for more info.

  • Avatar Arup says:

    Hello. Is it possible to trade zerodha account from Ninjatrader? I wish to get the zerodha price feed on my ninja chart and place order from there. What will be the requirements. Thanks. Please email to

    • Admin Admin says:

      Hi Arup,
      Yes, you can write scripts in Ninja trader and fire orders to zerodha using Kite API.
      For data feed, you can try authorized data vendors.
      We currently do not support MT4/NinjaTrader.

  • Avatar Vth says:

    Hi , is it possible to build a website and upload the excel to place order ? I would need someone to wite the api codes for all types of order .

  • Avatar Himanshu Rathod says:

    can i use kite api for automated trading through excel for personal use ??
    do u provide basic guidance / knowledge / sample code for excel ??

    • ArunRam ArunRam says:

      Yup, You can use it, sample code is already available in the given folder.we do take customized projects if needed contact business enquiry number.

  • Avatar Parandhaman says:

    I would like to know more about Programmatic trading using Kite API.Can we completely automate trading ?

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