Importance of Excel in Financial Markets

Mastering Excel and VBA helps in building sophisticated and advanced mathematical models in financial markets. These spreadsheet models helps capital markets, risk management and modelling skills using excel.
I recently read an article on forbes about role of excel software on larger financial firms and trading.
Excel is the most successful business tool ever sold in history and more of our economy runs on spreadsheet.
It gives best database support, excel opens CSV files natively and supports APIs and works best for time series like historical data or large files like master data sets.
Stock Brokers in India started providing APIs on subscription basis, this opens up the opportunity for using excel for trading purpose as it is very easy to use or build models or Quantitative analysis using excel.
we can use live data with mathematical formulas very easily, without excel will be more difficult to build the same with programming.
The Excel Tools build by HowUTrade is simply brilliant and it gives the option to place order, Order book, Admin position and almost everything available in trading application.



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