25 Reasons why most of new Traders Don’t make money

Like Someone had said.. Its Very Hard to make easy money in Trading.

Here are the 25 Reasons why most of new Traders Don’t make money

1. They risk too much to try to make so little.

2. They trade with the probabilities against them.

3. They think majority of traders are profitable With all the fancy charts, Technical analysis and experience with price action

4. They think trading is easy money.

5. They Start day trading with high leverage but, Day trading is an emotional battle.

6. Instead of focusing on learning how to trade they focus on getting rich.

7. They blow up due to improper position sizing.

8. With no understanding of the mathematical risk of ruin they are doomed after the first long string of losing trades.

9. Blindly following a guru that leads them down the road of destruction.

10. Most new traders quit when they realized how much work is involved in trading successfully.

11. They don’t do their homework.

12. They trade opinions not robust systems.

13. They go looking for ‘trades’ instead of a methodology.

14. They have no trading plan.

15. They attempt to piggy back on the trades another trader but don’t understand the risks.

16. The Fear of giving back a small profit will cause a trader to miss a bigger winning trade. Most profitability is based on the big winning trades. A winning trade should not be exited until there is a good reason to do so.

17. Most traders quit when they learn how many losing trades they will have to have to get to the winners.

18. Many new traders will give up the moment they realize that trading does not have guaranteed income, you are an entrepreneur.

19. They are not willing to pay the tuition to learn to trade in time, study, and losing trades.

20. They are crushed by the learning curve that they do not work hard enough to get through.

21. New traders quit if they do not have a passion for trading itself.

22. Failure to learn to control emotion when faced with losses, gains, luck and indecision, which leads to poor decision making.

23. We lose a lot of new traders when they realize that trading is actually harder than their job.

24. The traders that don’t make it quit when they were tired, frustrated, and stressed out, the winning traders quit after they had figured trading out.

25. They try to predict market but Personal predictions have no value, because the future does not exist in the present moment, no matter how strong a trader’s convictions.


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    Hello, what will be the cost to have a desktop or web based platform to connect amibroker with Kite using kite connect? I know amibroker but making application is a new to me. else if you can just tell me the basic steps and i can start finding myself

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    Can you tell us ways to overcome these shortfalls?

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