Our DotNet Libraries will cost you little bit from Feb19

Hi Developers,

Hope our DotNet libraries making your trading life easy and useful. Our aim is to make trading technology available to everyone. We are trying to achieve our aim with our DotNet libraries.

Currently we support Zerodha and Upstox, we are slowly extending to others brokers as well. Renowned Upcoming brokers like IB, ShareKhan, AliceBlue, Fyers etc

We always believe there is beauty in simplicity.

Our Libraries are so simple that anyone can start API trading with very minimal effort.

With our simple robust sample codes (VBA/AFL), one can get started easily and quickly.

There are lot many confusions among retail traders regarding API trading like Why ,What and How, and our DotNet libraries are single answer to all.

Some of our DotNet Library features are;

  • Support for Excel RTD
  • Amibroker and Excel Bridge
  • Paper Trading
  • Email Alerts etc…

People ask why only Excel and AmiBroker…?

Excel has been traditionally used by Investors and traders in stock trading and Amibroker is the widely used TA software and lot many resources are available in the public domain. We believe everything in trading, can be done with using either Excel or AmiBroker.

We are going to charge a small fee (Rs 100/Pm) to use our DotNet library, this small fee will help us to keep improving our libraries.



Professional Derivative Trader With Over A Decade of Experience. Previously worked in an Engineering and Mathematical background.


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