PLB Strategy Builder

Logic overview

Price Levels Breakout (PLB) is highly sought trading tool because of its versatile usage. User can input resistance and support levels manually or through excel formula, whenever the price crosses those levels, signals will be generated.

Entry conditions

BUY : When price crosses above the given Buy Level
SELL : On hitting Sell Level, Maxloss/Profit (Stock), Maxloss/Profit (Stgy), Target/Stoploss, or Square-off time
SHORT : When price crosses below the given Short Level
COVER : On hitting Cover Level, Maxloss/Profit (Stock), Maxloss/Profit (Stgy), Target/Stoploss, or Square-off time

Strategy Builder (SB)

PLB strategy builder is built on MS Excel using exchange approved Trading API’s. User can input price levels manually or through custom excel formula.


Manual input : You can manually input indicator levels (like EMA, Bollinger Band etc) obtained from other sources or can input levels received from your investment advisor.

Formula Input : you can also automatically calculate pivot levels (like Classic, Woodie’s, Camarilla, DeMark etc) using excel formula and use those values as levels in PLB.

PLB is equipped with advanced Risk and Order Management at Stock level as well as Strategy level with Cover Order. Support for NSE equity and also features Paper Trading and Journal to aid fine tuning the strategy. Watch here for PLB Strategy Builder in action.

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