Adding Bridge code to AFL in 2 minutes

You probably know, AmiBroker is one of the most advanced and widely used Technical Analysis software. Plenty of resources related to AmiBroker/AFL is available all over the internet.

There are many online forums available to discuss about AmiBroker and AFL code. For real-time data feed, lot many authorized data vendors are available.

All the above, there are 1000s of Trading Systems built with AFL are available in the public domain, this AFLs will help you to get started quickly with Algo Trading.


  • Supertrend
  • MA Crossover
  • MACD
  • PSAR
  • Triple Moving Average
  • Narrow Range Breakout
  • Open Range Breakout

It’s super easy to add bridge code to your AFL by just Drag and Drop. 

1. Install EtaTrader if not installed.
This will copy necessary Bridge DLLs and AFLs to AmiBroker folder

2. Just Drag and Drop the required Bridge code to your AmiBroker Chart

3. Set Symbol details in Parameter window

That’s it

Whenever your AFL generates valid Signals, respective order will be placed in your account.

Every order fired from AFL through Bridge code is logged in the below files. Replace [DDMMMYYYY] with respective date.

This log files will help you to troubleshoot your order firing issues.

Log Folder:

Log Files: