Client Privacy Matters

How safe is my strategy?

This will be the first question asked by most of our clients. I hope this article will clear out all the doubts regarding privacy.

First of all, our software is installed in the client computer/server as a standalone applications, and not hosted in our cloud.

So everything happens within your system. Except you, no one can know the program or the trading system and details of signals generated.

Our software uses simple text files to store responses received from Broker API server, this files are saved locally in the client computer/server.

So, the next question comes, what are the data collected by our software?

The following information’s are collected automatically by our software.

Personal information:
The following information’s are stored in our database upon first successful login through our software.

  • Name
  • Client Id
  • Email Id
  • Phone Number

The above details are  necessary to validate our software license, and not used for any other purposes.

Here is the login flow

  • Client Login in to EtaTrader
  • On successful login, EtaTrader fetches client Profile from Broker API
  • EtaTrader checks the client id with our server for license details
  • If found valid license details, then EtaTrader continues else stops there

From the above login flow, you can see that our server is accessed only at that time of login to check license details. Post login/validation if our server goes down, still your application will work till restart. License detail is checked at every login.

Error Reporting:

Each and every error occurs in your application is automatically logged in our server. This will enable us to track and fix bugs in our software. We collect application name, the function where the error thrown, error message and unique Client ID.

The following information’s are collected with user consent.

Order and Position Alerts:

If you enable order or Position alerts in your application settings, your order and Position details are sent to you through our email/telegram/sms server. But we do not store the details and all the sent messages are trashed at EOD.

Event Alerts:

If you enable Event alerts in your application settings. Your event logs such as Logins, Web Socket disconnection etc are sent to you through our email/telegram/sms server. But we do not store the event details and all the sent messages are trashed at EOD.

Data downloaded on to client computer

The following data’s are downloaded on to client computer from our servers once per day, this data’s are used in various functions like GetPrevDayOpen, GetFutureExpiry etc

  • Bhav copy (NSE, NFO, CDS)
  • Daily Volatility (NSE, NFO, CDS)
  • Expiries (Future, Options, Currency)
  • Market Holidays

The downloaded files can be found in

If you still concerned about your privacy, then you can try any of the below methods to completely block our host servers.

Post successful login i.e. after license validation from our server, you can block our host servers and unblock during next login.


Method 1:

Add the below lines to windows host file to block

remove the above lines to unblock.

Refer this link for more on this

Method 2:

Get our host IP addresses using
Add a windows firewall rule to block our IPs.

Refer this link for more details

Disable the firewall rule to unblock

Method 3:

Use any third party network monitoring tool to block/unblock our host servers using host name or IP addresses. Ex: Glasswire

Once blocked, no applications in your computer can access our servers/websites.

To check the block, you can use 3rd party network monitoring tools. For example, with GlassWire software, you can completely see all servers to which your application (EtaTrader/Excel etc) connected and size of the data sent/received.