Application Load Error

You may receive one or more of the below mentioned errors while running EtaTrader/Excel/Custom .Net App

The type initializer for ‘…..’ threw an exception
Could not load file or assembly ‘…..’ or one of its dependencies
Could not resolve: ‘…..’, Version=x.x.x.x

(In the above …. and x.x.x.x are just place holders)

1. Close all applications, delete all downloaded files, disable AV or Add Exclusions

2. Download setup files from our website

3. Extract the downloaded file to a folder and Run the Setup as Administrator

4. Post installation, Make sure the Following DLLs are present in the below mentioned directories

DLLs To Check:

KiteNet.dll OR UpstoxNet.dll (As Applicable)
NDde .dll
Newtonsoft.Json .dll
WebSocket4Net .dll
EO.Base .dll
EO.WebBrowser .dll
EO.WebEngine .dll
(For Those who use Excel Tools)

Folders To Check:

C:\Windows\SysWOW64 (If folder exists. this folder will be there for 64-bit OS)
C:\Program Files\EtaTrader Zerodha OR C:\Program Files\EtaTrader Upstox (As Applicable)

If you are using custom .Net application, then make sure the above mentioned DLLs are present in your app/bin directory, and added reference to

KiteNet.dll OR UpstoxNet.dll (As Applicable)
EO.Base .dll
EO.WebBrowser .dll
EO.WebEngine .dll