Getting started with EtaTrader for Aliceblue API

So, downloaded EtaTrader for Aliceblue API and stuck on what next?

Don’t worry, this article will explain everything you need to get started with Aliceblue API.

Simple 3 Steps

  • Get API Subscription from Aliceblue
  • Download, Install and Initial Setup – EtaTrader
  • Connect your Algo (Excel, Amibroker etc)

API Subscription

Charges: Free*

Contact Aliceblue for API, they will provide you with API Key, API Secret and Redirect Url (sample see below)

ApiKey/Id: TN79XXXX
Secret: xxxxxxKLY7fO1sF7oCyyyyyoF6CicbvzVeSSm7ucy6kO4Xvuuuuuuu

EtaTrader Installation

  • Download the setup file from
  • Extract the downloaded zip file to a folder
  • Run the ‘EtaTrader_Alice_Setup.exe‘ as Administrator
  • Once installed Open the application and enter the API Key, API Secret and Redirect Url in settings (refer the image below)

Now you are ready to Login, Just click on ‘Login’ button which will open an inbuilt browser for API login. (Free trial for 3 market days is automatically activated on first login with ETA Trader)

Connect your Algo

If you are new to Algo trading, then try our ready to use Excel and AmiBroker trading tools to get familiarize with algo and auto trading. You can download our tools from here

Examples: Future2Option, Levels Breakout, Pivot Trading etc


If you have your algo already coded in Amibroker, Excel, MetaTrader and Ninjatrader, then add our Bridge code in your algo and start firing orders


If you have some strategy in paper, then fill out this Google form to get it coded from us

Still confused, drop an email to


Aliceblue API is in development stage. If you find any API issues, please report to Aliceblue support. Below are ongoing issues.

Websocket disconnection
Timeout on OrderBook call

Missing Features:
Order updates through websocket
Historical data
Cover Order