F2O for overnight positions

Now our F2O excel tool can be used for overnight positions. You can download this tool from https://howutrade.in/tradingtools

The only difference between the F2O Intraday and Overnight is, in Overnight F2O, we will not place an entry order if you entered overnight option position details and will place only stoploss order at the Begin time

Example - Option Buying


You are bullish on NIFTY, and your levels are

Signal: LONG
LTP: 10498
Entry: 10515
Target: 10615 (100 points)
Stoploss: 10465 (50 points)

Assume your entry broke at 10:15 and you bought 10 lots of 10500CE at 86.5

Neither your target nor your stoploss hit in NIFTY, so you carried this option position to next day.


At market start, you will enter your NIFTY levels and overnight option position details

Signal: LONG (Last day signal)
Target: 10615
Stoploss: 10465

Target and stoploss may be from the last day or enter as per today’s NIFTY price.

For example, if your target was 10615 yesterday, but today NIFTY price is at 10620, then you can adjust your target and stoploss as required, say now your new target is 10685 and stoploss is 10580, then enter this value in the excel sheet

Entry: Enter any value between your Target and stoploss.

Overnight Position Details:

Lots: 10
Strike: 10500
Price: 86.5
Expiry: 27-Aug-2020

Once you entered your overnight position details, stoploss order will be placed at Begin time.

If target or stoploss hit in NIFTY, then your stoploss order will be modified and placed at Market, thus closing your positions

If today also, your target and stoploss not hit, then carry the position as mentioned above