Option Strategy Executor

Option Strategy Executor built with Microsoft Excel.

If you are new to option strategies, please check out the below link to know more

This excel tool can be used to build and execute complex option strategies with multiple legs.

Straddle and Strangle
Iron Condor
Calendar Spread

All option legs will be executed when one of the entry conditions is met.

Entry Conditions:
Time Based Or
Future/Spot Level Based

All open legs will be exited when one of the exit conditions is met.

Exit Conditions:
Stoploss and Target on Individual Leg Or
Max Profit Or
Max Loss Or
Future/Spot Level Based Or
Total Premium Based

Real time MTM
Support for Peg2Market (Only in Zerodha)
Support for ATM/ITM/OTM
Fastest Order Execution (~30ms/Leg in Zerodha from AWS Cloud)

You can download the excel tool from the below link