Trading Tools

A set of algorithmic trading tools built for Excel and Amibroker to aid traders and investors. Tools which leverages Trading APIs to manage orders and positions in real time

Future2Option Trading

F2O is a type of conditional order tool for those who want to trade Index Option by tracking Index Future Price

Levels Breakout System

Levels Breakout system with advanced risk management. Support for Max Entry, Profit and Loss

Button Trading AFL

Trade directly from AmiBroker Chart. Support for Regular, Cover and Bracket orders

Narrow Range Breakout

Narrow Range Breakout is one of the wildly followed Price action Strategy which tracks momentum stocks

Option Chain

Option Chain in Excel resembles NSE Option chain but with live update

ORB with Narrow Range

ORB with Narraow Range, we will buy top 5 stock at nifty 5min breakoout. Postion sizing and risk management